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PAX 180 Programs

The Day That Changed My Life

Host: Candace Mummert

Join Candace Mummert as she interviews people whose lives have been dramatically changed.

Hear astounding testimonies of people as they recount supernatural experiences and jaw-dropping encounters that profoundly impacted their lives.

Face to Face

Come "Face to Face" with elected officials: State Representatives, Mayors, Judges, Police Chiefs, County Commissioners, as well as School and Public Servants.

Get to know their plans for your community, new developments and future endeavors. In addition, understand the people who occupy these imperative offices, what motivates and inspires them to give your community a better tomorrow.

My Texas

Host: PAX 180 Team

In a world of non-stop activity, fast food and social media, have you ever wondered what life was like in your neighborhood 50, 60 or even 70 years ago?

Join the PAX 180 Team, as we 'lean in and listen' to compelling stories of life in a different era. Find out, firsthand, how the county has evolved, absorbed change and created the society we live in today.

Referencing original footage, photos and a hint of genuine nostalgia we take a look at the "good ol' days", and take you on a journey down memory lane.

Meet The Local Experts

Meet your local experts: from mechanics to medics, from baristas to bakers, plumbers to pest control and marketing experts to masseuse, get to know the people and their passions.

Find out what motivated them to embark on their journeys, the challenges they met along the way, and how they became the experts they are today.

Each episode reveals the unexpected and insight into the ingredients for success.

Property Question Time

PAX Television’s resident property host will ask property related questions to a panel of realty experts. Each panel will comprise of three experts who have significant experience and knowledge in their sector of the industry and who are well placed to answer our viewers' questions.

One question will be specifically chosen to highlight the area of specialist knowledge held by each of the three contributors, while other questions will be generic, for comment and debate from the entire panel.

Community Focus

Every community has a story. In fact, every community has multiple stories being written on a daily basis.

PAX 180's Community Focus looks into the narratives that give a community its personality: the people, their passions, the clubs, societies, charities and organizations. All of these contribute in a unique way to create the culture and personality of their respective communities.

Hear the stories. Meet the people. Understand the bigger picture.

Antiques Treasure Hunters

In a true investigative style, the Antiques Treasure Hunters will each receive a brief by an antiques dealer, as he commissions them to try to unravel the mystery surrounding one such item in their possession.

What is it? Where did it come from? What happened to it along its journey? These are just a few of the questions the Antiques Treasure Hunters will try to answer as they race against a ticking clock to piece together a mystery, telling the story of the artifact as the program unfolds.

Fast moving and fun, our team unravels mysteries for the very first time.

The Truth About Angels

Host: Chris Sinkinson

The subject of angels continues to fascinate, but what is the truth?

Our PAX program hosts take a sharp look at folklore, reports of angelic encounters and theological explanations of numerous events that clearly cannot be denied.

Chris Sinkinson, a British seminary lecturer and expert on the subject, joins the debate from his office in Southwest England to provide a biblical perspective on this complex and commercially exploited subject.

Local Christian Ministry

Enjoy inspirational messages and teaching from local Churches and Ministries.

Selected to be relevant to everyday living, the PAX 180 Ministry programs will provide a diversity of messages that are grounded in biblical truth.

Local News

Parker, Palo Pinto and Wise Counties deserve their own news coverage.

PAX 180 will gather the news and present it in a professional, yet relatable way, ensuring that each community's voice is represented and heard.

Business Showcase

In busy communities it's often all too easy to forget the level of professionalism and often also the entrepreneurialism that goes into the establishment and management of local businesses.

What's Up in North Texas

Get in the know with What's Up in North Texas!

Hear about the events, festivals, exhibitions, film and theater, along with a candid look at the entertainment scene.